Male and Female Buying Decision Making Processes Seen From BlackBerry Messenger Texts

Deviana Stefani Haryanto, Jusuf I Ibrahim


This study observes the male and female buying decision making processes seen from BlackBerry Messenger texts. It focuses on the way of how male and female customers make a buying decision in the online shop via BlackBerry Messenger. The data are analyzed by using the theory of the consumer decision-making process by Lamb, Hair, McDaniel (2003) which includes five stages. I found that the female customers have almost two times total more than male customers in the four stages in consumer decision making process. It means, the male decision-making seems to be rational, fast, and attentive for product quality and its function. However, the female decision-making is more emotional, attentive for product surface or outside appearance, and careful for choosing a product she wants to buy. Overall, I know that gender is an important factor that makes the buying processes between both gender groups different.


Buying Decision Making Processes, Male Customer, Female Customer

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