Increasing the Brand Awareness of Onokabe Surabaya through a Promotional Video

Vincent Steffano Hariyanto, Jusuf Imam Ibrahim


Established in December 2018 by Mr. Steven, the CEO of Boga Group Jatim, Onokabe is an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant by Boga Group Jatim. Onokabe has three competitors, which are Cocari, BBQ Frenzy, and Hanamasa. The competitors have similar concepts, prices, and products as Onokabe. However, due to ineffective marketing, Onokabe lacks customers and brand awareness. Whereas, Onokabe has strong USPs among the competitors, which is high-quality meat and a lot of buffet variation. Therefore, through a promotional video that highlights its USP, Onokabe can improve its brand awareness and attract potential customers. Besides that, a promotional video can be spread widely in this digital era to reach more people. Hopefully, highlighting and spreading the strength of Onokabe through a promotional video can solve the problem of Onokabe and increase its sales.


Keywords: marketing, promotional tool, promotional video, Onokabe, restaurant

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