The Illocutionary and Perlocutionary Act in Black Monday TV Series

Sherina Gunawan(1*),

(1) Petra Christian University
(*) Corresponding Author


This study was done to find out types of illocutionary acts produced by four main characters in episode 5 in season 1 of Black Monday the series, and to reveal the perlocutionary acts reacted by the interlocutors in responses to the illocutionary acts of four main characters in episode 5 in season 1 of Black Monday the series. In this study, the writer used the speech acts theory by Cutting (2002) and Paltridge (2012), the theory of locution, illocution and perlocutionary act by Paltridge (2012). Besides that, this study was done using a qualitative approach. The result of this study showed that the main characters mainly used representative, expressive, and directive when talking to their interlocutors and the perlocutionary acts followed the main characters’ utterances. The conclusion is that status and ethnic superiority on Black Monday influenced the utterance when main characters said their utterances.


illocutionary act; perlocutionary act; tv series

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