Code-Switching Used by Mrs. EE, the Owner of N Store, to Her In-Store Customers

Catherine Catherine(1*), Flora Debora Floris(2),

(1) Petra Christian University
(2) Petra Christian University
(*) Corresponding Author


This study utilized the theoretical frameworks presented by Wardhaugh (2006) and Appel and Muysken (2005) to analyze the kinds and functions of code-switching utilized by Mrs. EE, the owner of N Store, when communicating with customers. This study utilized a qualitative approach that examined Mrs. EE’s use of code-switching in her speech. The study’s results showed that Mrs. EE utilized both situational and metaphorical kinds of code-switching. She utilized various code-switching functions namely referential, directive, expressive, phatic, metalinguistic, and poetic. The study has concluded that Mrs. EE’s use of code-switching may be influenced by various factors such as her linguistic background, the context of the conversations, and her relationship with her customers.


code-switching; code-switching kinds; code-switching functions

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Appel, R. and Muysken, P. (1987). Language contact and bilingualism. Edward Arnold.

Appel, R., & Muysken, P. (2005). Language contact and bilingualism. Amsterdam Academic Archive.

Wardhaugh, R. (2006). An introduction to sociolinguistics (5th ed.). Blackwell Publishing.



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