Dionisius Andrew W., Ribut Basuki


This paper is about a project on a screenplay. In my screenplay, I talk about a girl from Java who has to work in remote area in Papua Island. The girl is a volunteer teacher who has to survive to teach the students who are very different from students in Java. To develop the screenplay, I used two theories, namely culture shock and maturation. I use these two theories  because in the main character experiences  culture shock and maturation whe she does her voluntary teaching in Papua. To collect data, I use survey to Eranotali, Papua and libary research on Papua and its cultures. I find the theories and survey as well as libary research help me during the creative process. The theories help me develop realistic characters; while the survey and library research help me picture Eranotali as realistic as possible.   I believe that when the screenplay is made into film, the audience will get the feel of Enarotali and ‘experience’ the main character’s jurney


volunteer teacher, culture shock, maturation, Eranotali, Papua, remote area.

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