Promoting WICO 2.0 from PT. Telkom Surabaya Mergoyoso,Tbk to the Customers by Using a Promotional Video

Diondi Mereki Menteng


This Business Communication Final Project (BCFP) is made for PT. Telkom Surabaya mergoyo,tbk, a company which offers service in telecommunications and internet service provider in Indonesia. The problem of the project is how to promote the products and services that Wico 2.0 offers. Using the BCFP, the promotional video will be able to help the marketing and the sales to sell the company’s product and also make the customers aware with the uniqueness of the products. The promotional video contains the products of Wico 2.0 and the Uniqueness of Wico 2.0 itself. The video shows facilites of Wico 2.0. The promotion video also explains the benefits of Wico 2.0. Using this BCFP, the customers will be know more about Wico 2.0. The video can also help the marketing and sales team to sell Wico 2.0, so that they can increase the sale of Wico 2.0.


Keywords: A promotional video, Wico 2,0, Telkom Indonesia, advertising

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